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We provide IT Services (Technology/Marketing) to the professionls or business owner by identifying and resolving the pain points of their business module. We dedicate ourself to fill in the voids in their own knowledge. Most importantly, we emphasise on paving a path to see a substancial growth in business by providing all kinds of support to our customers.

To value the trust & belief and our ability to keep the promise has made us more confident and consistent.

Our core sections of work zone are furnished below :

  • done_all e-Branding
  • done_all Web Applications
  • done_all Digital Marketing

We don't say that we are unique. But the way we work signifies that we value customer's feelings, dreams, desires, requirements with love, respect, behaviour, manner as the project is not just a project to us, it's our passion and a customer's dream.

Assiduous Live has started it's journey in the year 2018. It is based in KOLKATA. Head Office is located at Belgharia, Kolkata. The people engaged in it are highly qualified to execute such work.

Assiduous Live has an intention to identify the pain points of customer's business module and resolve the problems to get a substancial growth in the market. We have seen many business owners and individuals with immense potential but due to lack of awareness and proper guidlines they have faced a sharp fall. The major reasons behind it are 1. Poor Brand Identity 2. Poor Marketing. At present climate e-Branding & Marketing on digital platforms are the two most effective way to grow rather using the other sources. So, the correct selection of an operating zone leads to a substancial growth with good revenue outcome.

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Anumoy Karmakar



Technical Head


Marketing Head